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You my dear; are the one I fear tonight.
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Saturday, June 11th, 2005
3:06 pm

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Current Mood: tired

Monday, June 6th, 2005
2:44 pm

You expected a post about this, so here you go sweetheart.

First off, as for the senior quote..."immature of her to write it & she should get over herself"  then let it go & don't worry about it.. don't waste your time on it if you think she is such an idiot for writing it. I don't even know how to respond to that. That sentence sounds like the most hypocritical, retarded thing I have ever heard. It was very immature of her to write. It should have never been written. "I don't care about what happened during the summer". How many times have you said that?! More than I can count! Stick to your word. How about that? I never even thought of writing anything in my quote! You had one chance to say goodbye, show your feelings and you write that. I just hope you know the embarrassment you caused upon yourself. Maybe you and all your friends think it was hysterical, sorry to break it to you, it honestly wasn't. The quote doesn't even make me mad. It's just so annoying. You are sooo stuck on what happened during the summer. I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER..said that I miss you or I want to be friends again! EVERRRRR! With that being said, that means that I don't care about you, I don't care that you got your best friend back and i could care less where you end up in life..hopefully some place you deserve. So for you to write "Thank you for giving me my best friend back" just shows that YOU are stuck on that. When did we write these..February? Count that for me, 9 months after the first incident. Are you kidding me? You can't move along? Try, real hard. Please do. I have best friends that you NEVER could have compared to. They know how to have fun, not act like they have a stick up their ass, not judge every person they meet and not pretend to like someone but talk shit about them the second they walk away. Yes, you will probably say that same thing, but I could give two shits. You made me a judgemental, mean person. You let me see the bad in everything. And I hate you for that. You are a horrible person and I hope you look back at your life and realize that. I will admit, I am stuck on the fact of 1 incident that occurred this year. You both should probably know what I'm talking about, even though "you weren't involved". That is the only thing! Yes, it is immature of me to harbor that feeling. And yes it was immature of me to do that to your car, I will admit that. I won't try and seem "Bad ass" and soo awesome for doing that. I totally felt over it, and then reading in the yearbook what was written, made old feelings come back. That never should of been written. Do you know that people feel sorry for you? You should. You both will probably look and this post and laugh hysterically with each other, thinking I'm a complete idiot! Go ahead, do it up! I know what your really feeling inside. I know what I said has true meaning and feeling into it. I am not a fake person. I won't sugar coat it for you. You need a reality check..and fast. And the ONLY reason I won't say this to your face at the moment, is because I am 2-3 weeks away from Graduation and no one is messing up my chance of walking across that stage. ESPECIALLY YOU. You don't deserve that honor. After I get that diploma in my hand, I would be glad to settle this. As for know, I really hope you take into consideration what I wrote. Laugh if you must, I don't care. I know what I said HAD to be said. It may have been mean at some points, but "let it go and don't worry about it". Mkay?

Second off, as for the Chips thing..."let it go and don't worry about it". 

Comment/Post if you feel the need to contradict everything I say. Go ahead, try to make it look like I'm the bad guy. Git er dun. Everyone knows the real truth, except of course your awesome friends. Don't make it try and seem like I'M the one that can't get over it. I CAN AND AM. Just don't try to be "Bad ass" and say something to me in school. Cause I will walk right away. You will try calling me a pussy. Go for it. I have more important things in my life going for me, then "bitching out Tanya and Ashley".

On that note, I love all my friends and you are true. No one can compare.

Current Mood: bitchy
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
9:28 pm

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Current Mood: crazy

Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
1:38 pm
Waste your money on me to embarrass yourself some more, it makes me feel special:]

I'm in the library listening to music and the Vitamin C song came on. It made me sad:[ Useless post i know..get over it:]





Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, May 29th, 2005
3:25 pm

This weekend has been awesomeee! On Thursday, it was day 1 of our theme weekend. It was Pajama Day!:] Haha it was great, you show up and you just see everyone chilling in their PJ's. I had every intention of going to school the next day, but I drank too much and got sick:[ Friday, TOGA TOGA TOGA! Muahaha! That was great. We had Sesame Street, 100 Dalmations, Smurfs and lots more. It was so much fun. Last night it was Golf Pros and Hoes, but I decided to stay home and work on the million projects that I have due next week. Tonight, I don't know if it's still happening, but it's Ghetto Fab night. I already have my outfit picked out. It's all my brothers clothes, baggy pants down to my knees, boxers, fake bling, huge shoes, jeresy and a ghetto fab hat. I will look awesome, as well as everyone else.

My brother got free tickets to Battle of the Bands somehow, so me, him and Ashalee are gonna go. Then I think we're meeting up with Pat. I guess it'll be okay. I'm just going cause it was free haha.

I'm watching Once Upon a Prom and it's making me sad cause I'm realizing that it's finally over:[

I'm going to go do my make-up. Byee fuckers:]

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Current Mood: lethargic
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
9:31 am
14 days.

My SICK new shirt:] I'm very proud.

That is all.

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, May 23rd, 2005
3:04 pm
Just you wait till I have that diploma in my hand.

Prom was really fun. They could've sped it up a little bit, but oh well. I don't really think anyone looked bad. Maybe pregnant, but not horrible. A bunch of us went to Darien Lake afterwards. It was crowded but fun. We all got caught in a huge brawl! It was scary haha. Then we went to Cassie's. Mikey and Chris Wagner came over. I fell asleep in my chair with my drink smushed up against my face haha. All in all, it was good. Stop being so infacuated:]


Mkay, I'm going to make a salad. Byee sluts.


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Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
9:46 pm
Promise me you will be there.

What up hoesss! I got my prom dress back and it looks gorgeousssss. It actually fits me perfectly. Although I am a big poof ball. Oh well!:] I went shopping today and got a clutch, bangles, hair stuff and jewelry for prom. I also got my other conch pierced. But with a hoop. It looks good. Ashley got the sickest piercing everrrr. He just made it up and did it. It's weird, it's a barbell and it starts on the edge of ur earlobe, goes through it and comes out the anti-tragus. It's awesome.

So for prom, the majority of us are going to Darien Lake afterwards. Then Nick is having a party so I believe we're stopping by there. Thennn, WE GOING CAMPING, in Cassie's backyard:] Muaha!

Ok, I'm going to go read my magazines. Byeee:]

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Current Mood: lazy

Thursday, May 12th, 2005
9:10 pm

+Watched Pretty in Pink in Sociology.
+Bought Garden State & Thirteen.:]
+Plain White T's is tomorrow.:]

And of course, I MUST go to Plain White T's and Action Action. Cause ya know, I'd be FAKE (i love that word.) if I didn't go to my "favorite'' bands shows! Duh!

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Current Mood: enthralled
Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
11:54 am
Eyes wide shut, faded to white

So, here I am, bored in the library with Rach! We're in PIG doing out Public Safety Project. This project is bullshit and we have no idea what we're doing.:]

Last night was the wake. It was so sad. There were so many people there that the line was out the door, around the building for 4 hours straight. I hope that that many people come to my wake:/ It didn't even look like her. Her face was all puffed out and it was just weird how different she looked. I really wasn't that close to her, but I started crying just watching her son and daughter have to stand next to their dead mother. But I actually saw/met a lot of people. I met my "cousin" Ashley. I remember that I never liked her when I was little. She was soo rude. She yelled at her mom, in the middle of the wake, literally screaming "CHILL OUT. SHUTUP!". If that was my child, I would've smacked the shit out of her. People pronounced my name wrong all night..Karen, Kara, Carla, Carol...etc. The wake was really nice though.

Today, I'm going out to lunch with my family and parents at Red Fiedele's for Roseanne. I couldn't make the funeral today cause I've skipped too many times.

The whole Darien Lake/Prom thing is getting so messed up. It's actually really, really irritating. We booked the rooms, and then the next day people were having second thoughts and we cancelled the rooms. Now some people still wanna go and some people just wanna get a room at Motel 6 or something. Eh, I don't even care anymore.

Midtown, Plain White T's and Action Action on Friday:]
Gym Class Heroes on June 15th:]

Ok, I've run out of things to talk about. Leave it hoes

Current Mood: content
Monday, May 9th, 2005
1:55 pm

I love my friends:]

I was just reading past entries. It irritated me. He was 17, not 16. Yes, one grade younger, but alas...same age! Me=hyprocrite?D

Now that that's out of my system..
I FINALLY got my car back! I'm so dependent on a car it's sick. T.Hani gave me rides all week because she's a good woman. And my mechanic told me that it wasn't my whole ABS system, it was just my censor. So it only cost $270:] Thank god, cause I'm a poor, poor bitch.

The Fall Out Boy show was good.  The AKA's were good. The Academy is was incredible. And I heart Gym Class Heroes.  The singer is so sexy and I'm in love with his Monroe. I bought a CD, tote and a shirt. The merch at shows is getting shittier and shittier.

So on Thursday, I got a phone call from my uncle and he was crying. He said my cousin Roseanne died. It's so tragic because she wasn't feeling good that day, so she went to the hospital and just died. She was only 43 and she had a 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son. They did an autopsy and found out it was TSS.  For those who don't know, TSS=Toxic Shock Syndrome, caused by leaving tampons in over 8 hours. It's really rare for it to happen and it creates a bacteria that eats up your entire body. I feel so bad for the kids considering yesterday was Mother's Day and all. The wake is tomorrow, it'll be so sad.:[

I had to work 11-4, 9-3am on Saturday. It was tiring. The morning shift was gay cause the girl I was working with did NOTHING, so I was stuck cleaning everything. Then at night, it was fun. But it got really busy. All the girls came in and that made my night more enjoyable. I only made $20 in tips..cheap bastards!

Friday, Me, Ashalee and Taylor are gonna go to the Plain White T's show at Steele. It says the doors open at 9pm which is an odd time. Saturday, Me and T.Hani are gonna go to my dad's magic show! Muahaha! It shall be a good time.

Ok, well I'm gonna go to the library with Ashie. Leave love HOES:]

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, May 8th, 2005
3:37 pm

(I'm just a raindrop on your tongue.)Collapse )

Current Mood: exhausted

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
9:31 pm

This is going to be the most pointless entry of my life.

Let's see...
-My vertical tragus is migrating.
-I have so much homework I don't know what to do with myself.
+I'm almost done with my PIG hours.
-I feared my life today.
-I am poor.
+We got our hotel room's for Darien on prom night.
-I need to buy a Mother's Day present.
+I'm getting my nose pierced on Saturday.
-I have to work 11-4, 9-3am Saturday.
+I saw Amityville Horror. It was awesome.
-My brakes went the other day. I was rolling down Toni's driveway and had to pull my E-brake.
-My car repairs are going to cost $1,000+.
-I am tired.
+Laguna Beach comes back in 2 days.
+Cass $'s dad rented us a limo for prom.

I think that the bad outweighs the good. SWEEEEEEET.


Current Mood: rushed
Thursday, April 28th, 2005
2:37 pm

I'm baccccck:]

Myrtle was so much fun. We met lots of new people and did lots of new things. The weather was perfect the entire week. No rain at all! The car ride did suck though! 16 hoursss! I did get sick. I got this wicked nasty cold and stayed home for 2 nights. T.Hani's brother and friends came down for like 2 days. I love them! Their sooooo nice and fun....and hot:] Me, Taylor and Toni are gonna go stay in Charleston during the summer and just hang out.

I've been thinking about college a lot lately. Ever since everyone's crying fest in Myrtle, I'm really scared. I actually almost started crying at Applebee's the other night. I've been in the same house, with the same people for 17 years. And then suddenly, that's all gonna change. I won't know anyone, I'll be 2 hours away and I won't have a car. I have none of my good friends to fall back on considering they're either hours away or even out of state. So, I started reconsidering Fredonia. Since Brockport is closer and I could come home whenever I wanted to see friends and everything, I thought that that would be better. I don't know though. I guess I could always transfer over. I just can't wait to get away from some.

Yesterday me and Ash went to the Salvation Army. I love that place. They have so much stuff. I found a Hidden in Plain View shirt for .99 cents!:] And an ALL SAINTS shirt. Muahahaha! It's probably my shirt from when I went to school there. I also got a sick pair of Keds that I need to dye and a bunch of pearl necklaces.

So today I wanted to go to my dad's work considering it was Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Then last night, my throat got really bad. I haven't had strep since I was like 2, so I didn't know what it felt like. Went to the doctor's this morning, got my throat swabbed and my finger pricked. WHAT UP MONO. Mmm yes, "the kissing disease". Interesting. He also informed me that my spleen is enlarged...? Haha. I guess I'm contagious also! Sweet!

I don't work Saturday's anymore:] I'm so excited. Now I can actually wake up in the morning and not have to worry about going into work. So this Saturday, me and Taylor are gonna go see Amityville Horror. I've heard it was good and bad. Oh well..

I don't know about every other senior, but I have MASSIVE amounts of projects coming up. I have a video Spanish project that I have to do with Jaclyn this weekend, a 4 page paper due for PIG on Monday, a HUGE spanish scrapbook, a 20 minute presentation for English and my PIG hours and journals. Good god, kill me now!

Well, I'm going to go rest since this mono makes me tired. But I will leave you with a survery. Peace hoes<3

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Current Mood: indifferent
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
3:49 pm

This weekend was pure excitement<3 I loved it.

So! I love the weather lately. Today I actually walked outside in a tank-top. It was grand. It better not get cold again! But seeing as how this is Rochester, it probably will.

Let's see. Friday, me and Ashie decided to do a road trip to Buffalo. The only reason was because we had a coupon to Delia*s:] And we HEART Delia*s! So we shopped. Everytime we go there, we end up getting the same clothes and we don't even realize it. We purchased $57 worth of clothes for $27:] Then I didnt have to work that night, so I went out for my basketball dinner. It was at Tully's and was quite fun.

Friday Night. Shane wanted to hang out, so me and Ash went over there for like 3 hours. Then I went over to Toni's cause her boyfriend was still over and we went to Wimpy's. I am there everyday of my life. It's sick! But yes, we passed out the second we got home.

Yesterday, I got my hurr cut. I wanted to do really funky colors, but I didn't give her enough notice. Oh well, next time. Then at night. GOOD LORD! Greatest night of my lifeeeee. We went over to Shane's around 11ish. It was me, Ash, Toni, Rachel, Meredith, Jaclyn, Richelle, Mya and Megan. Well, we knew there was gonna be a brawl haha. So everyone was getting all excited. After phone calls back and forth, we planned to meet at Sanford Park or something like that. Next thing I know, everyone's on the ground, punching and kicking. Muahahaha! Jaclyn was swinging, Richelle was fucking kicking bodies, Meredith was fucking nuts! Meredith, my little fighting machine. Rachel had globs of disgusting hair in her hands hahahahaha. Ashley was a kicking machine. Oh it was the greatest thing I have ever seen. I have a "war wound" on my thumb from falling on the pavement haha. I loved it.

MYRTLE '05. 5 daysssss!!!! I can count it on one hand! Muahahaha. I'm so excited.

I must go get ready for work. Bye Loves<3

(CALL ME!)Collapse )

Current Mood: full
Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
3:54 pm
10 mother fucking days.

So Fredonia was fun. I was really, really nervous going there. But the girl was nice and all her friends were pretty cool. All of her guy friends were gay. They were so much fun to hang out with haha. I'm really excited to decorate my dorm room and meet ALL new people! Ugh, I can't wait. But then again, I can cause I'll be so far away from home without a car:[

Last weekend, I went on a shopping spree<3 I bought lots of clothes and a memory card for my digital camera. Now it holds 400 pictures:] Muahaha! But nighttime was surprisingly boring. This weekend shall be a good time though. I have my basketball party on Friday, I guess that'll be fun..? Then on Saturday all the girls are going out for Ashalee and Jax's birthdays.

Well, now I'm gonna go wrap my Dad's birthday present. Then out to dinner:] Bye loves.

This shit is bananas. B-ANA-N-ASCollapse )

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
3:59 pm

Dedicated to my prom date. TAYLOR.

Boy stop
Its about to be a girl fight
She really know
Brook Valentine
Uh huh uh huh
Big boi
A lil Jon!
Its about to be a what!
Girl fight !

We bout to throw dem bows
We bout to swang dem thangs

There's about to be a what? Girlfight!

There she go talkin' her mess
All around town makin' me stress
I need to get this off my chest
And if her friend want some then she'll be next
It really ain't that complicated
Y'all walking round looking all frustrated
Want some plex come on let's make it
Ya acting real hard but I know ya fakin'

Know you really don't wanna step to dis
Really don't know why you talkin' shit
You 'bout to catch one right in the lip
It's about to be a what? Girlfight!

We bout to throw dem bows
We bout to swang dem thangs

It's about to be a what? Girlfight!

We on our way to ya neighborhood
The reason why we comin' is understood
Me and my girls we down to ride
So when you hear us pull up bring ya butt outside
And if you try to call ya cousin and nem
Don't forget that I got some of dem
'Bout to go real hard 'bout to swang dem thangs
'Bout to feel elbows all in ya brain

Know you really don't wanna step to dis
Really don't know why you talkin' shit
You 'bout to catch one right in the lip
It's about to be a what? Girlfight!

We bout to throw dem bows
We bout to swang dem thangs
It's 'bout to be a what? Girlfight!

Oh! I know you don't want me to split yo dome!
Girl you makin me really mad...
Oh! I know you don't want me to split yo dome!
I'm about to bruise ya face and it's sad...

Oh snap these bitches they act like cats
In the middle of the dance floor now they preparing to scrap
They takin out their scrunchies and pullin' off their pressons
The one on the right is the girlfriend and the one the left is the other woman
Someone please call security
These girls too purty
To get down to the nitty titty
I mean the nitty gritty
I mean her tiitty pretty
I'm trippin'
Being silly willy
Man go on let them hos fight

We bout to throw dem bows
We bout to swang dem thangs

It's about to be a what? ...Girlfight!

Don't act like you don't know
We right outside yo door
See you peekin' out the window
I know you ain't talking noise no more

-- come outside
Don't act like you don't see me
It's about to be a...Girlfight!

Hello again loves<3

I cannot WAIT for school to be over with! Ugh, June 25th. Come sooner! I'm hating work a lot lately. Last night, Monday, he had 4 girls on. 4! It's so slow and he has all those girls on. So Taylor came to visit, then we called Toni. I sat for 3 hours straight. No work! Just chatting about bitches and hoes. It was nice. So his stupid ass paid me for sitting there. Plus my fitty cent raise yo! Today me and Taylor dressed in the same outfit. It was quite strange. Then I had my detention today! I got to sit in the AES room with little children and sleep peacefully:] Soooooo worth it. Thursday, I'm spending the night at Fredonia. I'm really nervous. I'll probably have to stay with some retard who won't wanna do anything fun. I wanna meet everyone and have fun. I doubt it though! 17 days:] I'm so excited!! I guess Rachel is coming now. We're gonna have a meeting about that tonight to see if it'll work out. But enough rambeling, but research paper is due tomorrow. Peace SKANKS.

 (I ain't no hollaback girl.)Collapse )

Current Mood: mischievous
Friday, March 25th, 2005
2:50 pm

I suck at updating. Obviously people think I suck a lot more too. Ha, never have. It's dirty. But thanksss:] Hm, let's see. I saw The Ring 2. And I think it sucked really bad. Taylor's house was soo fun. We did our sick BEER SHOTS..but we "weren't drunk". There only "mixers"!! (Whatever that means). DUHHH! That's what people tell me at least. We hung out on Taylor's kitchen floor the whole evening. Then I was woken up by Mer and Jaclyn screaming "We're going jogginggggg!!". Muahaha. They almost had the cops called on them for singing Christmas carols in the street too loud. God you guys are SO fake. Oh yes, on that same night I was coming home from work at like 9:30. Well, I'm going down Whittier and there's never any cops over there..but there wasssss. I was going like 56 in a 35. It was really scary! Buttttt, he didn't give me a ticket cause I work at Wimpy's:] Muahaha. I would've been so fucked if I got that ticket. Hmm what else. I volunteered at Open Door Mission and some man "slipped" me his phone number. Ew he was so gross. Last night we all went over to Mya's house. There was like 20 people there. No beer shots last night tho:[ Although Ashley did leave a NICE stain on the rug. That's what 15 beers will do to you fool! Muahaha Love you<3 Well, I have to go try to get this nastyyyy keloid of my nose. <333

Current Mood: aggravated
Friday, March 18th, 2005
2:26 pm
Bottle it up and throw it out the window.

What up! Well I haven't updated in forever. Lets see, what's new. I went to the Galleria last weekend with Toni, Ash, Tay and Mer. We shopped for 2 days straight and I spent wayyy too much money. Our hotel was fun, and Mrs. Hannafon bought us a bottle of Arbor Mist. Oh yes, we did synchronized swimming! And we were AWESOME at it. I've been hanging out a lot with Jake lately<3. Yesterday was "Senior Skip Day".  We did the breakfast thing. Then I finally got my conch pierced!<33 It looks insane and I'm getting the other side next week:] Hmm, lets see. Tonight, Taylor's parents are away. Therefore, all the girls will be there all night. Muahahah!<33 Tomorrow, I'm going to see The Ring 2 and go downtown with Jake. That's it! I'll update tomorrow...maybe.

(So let's not even try, your right.)Collapse )

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
10:15 pm

(1 month.)Collapse )

Current Mood: calm

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